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The PressBox.TV  is a video production and marketing company that aims to deliver 5-star excellent service to our partners and increase publicity to our independent artists. We exhibit their valued works through our advertising strategy and video streaming technology.

The difference between success and failure as an artist is your ability to sell yourself. If no one notices your work, becoming influential becomes impossible. There are numbers of artists around the globe who are underappreciated. They struggle much in growing their presence both in the digital and in the real world. Many of these artists have taken endless rejections.

We, at PressBox Entertainment Group, have a vision, a vision to empower our clients by providing thought provoking creative content that will leave you wanting more. Our services are provided by our growing team which is comprised of people we network and partner with so we can spotlight their undiscovered talent. As a result, it eliminates the challenges of marketing your organization and the budget constraints associated with video production, consulting, and brand awareness.

We identified a problem in the digital marketing space where individuals and small business get overlooked when it comes to access of professional services. Many are overpriced or under deliver. Another problem we identified was the lack of opportunity for many college graduates who are unable to find entry level positions in their field. Many require experience.

We aim to provide a solution by matching the budget of the client with our experienced producers while cultivating a learning environment for the recent graduates to get hands on experience and paid gigs.

Our passion is driven by being an influence in the successes our clients, partners and sponsors. If our partners are not achieving their goals, our responsibility is to re-assess and re-evaluate the strategies and approaches being used to find the “sweet spot” of success based on the desired outcome of the partnership.

It is PressBox.TV’s mission to help these independent artists grow their social media and digital presence. We aim to utilize our marketing expertise in exploding their presence.

At The PressBox, we take ordinary creative artists and turn them into influencers using our proven marketing strategies. Our services fill the gaps for every one of our clients. We’ll spread the word about you and help you reach your dreams.

Get real expert advice and proven strategies to grow your presence Grow your social media pages quickly by following our step by step plan Close more deals with our status as an authority Let PressBox.TV open doors for you

Throughout your journey as an artist, Pressbox Entertainment, Inc. presents you with its consultancy arm, PressBox Consulting. This firm aims to guide artists and clients in executing all the concepts and in analyzing every publicity strategy. We help you materialize your ideas from end to end. We help our partners connect marketing blueprints to its finished structure with excellence.

As we go along with our mission to help artists, we also help businesses thrive through our media productions. From concept to delivery, we create absolute marketing solutions that fit your budget. With our … Talented creative staff and state-of-the-art facilities and equipment… We steer your video production from concept to final delivery. That’s what we do here at Pressbox Entertainment.

Meet our artists and hear what they get to say about us…

"Wanted a quick and innovative video done for our office Christmas Party on December 16th, 2017. With Christmas preparations in full swing, we opted for PressBox Entertainment to get this job done. They were superb, affordable, professional and very easy to work with! Thanks to PressBox Entertainment for making our Christmas Party a grand success!"  



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The PressBox is your personal Social Media Publicist providing marketing solutions from concept to delivery. Specializing in unparalleled success we get your name, company, or campaign word out to the masses. We are results driven. We are a full-service production company with emphasis on marketing videos for independent creators, professionals, small business, legal, medical and corporate identities.


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