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Your Questions Answered

How do I get on ThePressBox?

By sending us an email an @[email protected]

How do I purchase a membership for ThePressBox.tv?

By clicking the link to our signup page https://www.thepressbox.tv/signup/

Can I get a free trial efore I purchase?

Yes, you sure can. Note: ( This is one video and 4 photos with two days of posting to all social media account for 5 days. After your free trial, you will be charged a monthly good value fee of $49.99

Will membership plans be charged automatically?

Whichever plan you signed up with on the signup page will charge you either monthly or annually.

If I purchase a plan to have a membership will I be provided anything?

Upon purchase of subscription at final approval of profile creation you will then be posted in rotation and sent a link to your email for sharing purposes.

Can I turn off automatic renewal for a ThePressBox.tv membership?


How do automatic renewal payments work?

Once per month or annual payments is how you will be charged.

After my ThePressBox.tv membership expires, will my profile still exist or be erased on ThePressBox.tv?

Yes, Your profile will still exist unless you write us an email stating why you want to cancel, with full name and address & statement. Once the letter is received your account will be removed no later than 10 days.

How many membership profiles can I buy?

As many as you want! We encourage the more talent the more exposure you shall receive.

Once the profile is created can I swap out photos & videos on my profile?

Yes, an email to [email protected] with the subject line att: Profile update with the new photos (png) or new video ( no vice or tagged videos with another company name being anywhere on the video.

How do I contact ThePressBox.tv?

You can contact us at [email protected] or social media by sending an IM.

Do you accept PayPal, Google Wallet, or some other weird payment system that I like?

Yes, we don’t handle your payment personally so we trust PayPal will be a better option in handling this sort of thing.

How will it take for my profile to be created?

Your profile from the date of receipt will be created, posted in 5 business days.

How many social media accounts can I have on my profile?

Up to 5 social media profiles attached.

How do I request a refund?

Please send in a written request to [email protected] with the subject att: Refund Request. Note:(Refunds will take up to 15 days to be returned) Please state your name & your profile stage name so we can better identify your profile.

How long refunds take?

Refunds take up to 15 days.

Can I monitor profile views?

No, but you can video views in the lower left-hand corner of the video box that contains all your content on your profile.

How does ThePressBox.tv help me?

ThePressBox.tv helps you by taking all your best work and putting it all in one place so you can be found instantly. Your profile is your professional resume. We help you gain exposure in the markets that are hard to reach for you once you post a piece of content. Also, ThePressBox saves you time and money so you as the independent creative can do wht you do best (Create!!!)

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The PressBox is your personal Social Media Publicist providing marketing solutions from concept to delivery. Specializing in unparalleled success we get your name, company, or campaign word out to the masses. We are results driven. We are a full-service production company with emphasis on marketing videos for independent creators, professionals, small business, legal, medical and corporate identities.


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