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Become an ambassador for ThePressBox.tv As an ambassador you sign up and we provide you a code to share so we know who to pay !! Earn extra money by referring creative artist to signup on ThePressBox.tv Here’s how it works! Because ThePressBox team values creative artist we can’t do it by ourselves! We need your help in helping creative artist in your home town become discovered worldwide! Network with creative talent in your neighborhood or city! You like what you like right?! Referring talent in your community by encouraging the talent to signup and be discovered on the PressBox.tv Earn your income with referral of talent to the PressBox.tv How it works Your asking yourself! Passive income you as an affiliate can earn just by referring creative artist! When an independent creator signups to showcase there talents on the PressBox.tv you are given an affiliate code that the talent types in to show how they where found and who referred them! You earn monthly for as long as the talent remains on The PressBox.tv Think about it NO sales required at all! All you do is point the talent in the right direction, to get discovered worldwide! 25 signups 50 signups 100 signups 1000 signup You can do the rest of the math Unlimited income to be made just off referrals! ”Conversation Example ” You go to the bar or your favorite venue with friends & family, and you hear a band that just sounds awesome in your option or creative talent ranging from these example Creative Arts in the area! Photography All music genres Poetry Film Dance Arts Theatre Performing Arts Video Game Arts Or even your friend or family member that you know has a great talent! You say your great! You need to be on ThePressBox.tv! What's that? A site for creative artist to expand there message & get discovered worldwide!

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The PressBox is your personal Social Media Publicist providing marketing solutions from concept to delivery. Specializing in unparalleled success we get your name, company, or campaign word out to the masses. We are results driven. We are a full-service production company with emphasis on marketing videos for independent creators, professionals, small business, legal, medical and corporate identities.


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